Team Bad Idea

You are probably looking for Team Wating On Parts

So like it was bunch of collective bad decisions, and then it was a blog that curated *barf barf barf* linked to random news articles, blogs, and other random things that were of dubious intelligence. From the beginning, I assumed that would go away and I would be able to do whatever with this domain, probably something involving combat robotics. And then I received a note from some dude wondering if I ever had the intention of using it for combat robotics. Then I forgot about it, and finally got into combat robotics.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and then I remembered exactly who asked about it. Oh well, time to use a different name because Those Other Guys Used Our Name. That one was also terrible. Everyone thought I was riffing on a particular make and model of car. I realized that I was spending quite a bit of time waiting on parts, so I changed the name of my team.